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Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner receives Mitchell Rosenthal Memorial Award

Written by: Brain Trauma Foundation 5.19.2016

Brain Trauma Foundation is pleased to announce that our Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner, has received the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine's prestigious Mitchell Rosenthal Memorial Award. To recognize Dr. Kolakowsky-Hayner for her significant contributions to the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine will host an award presentation at the Henry B. Betts Awards Dinner & Gala on November 3rd at the Hilton Chicago, during the ACRM 2016 Annual Conference.

Dr. Kolakowsky-Hayner is the chief operating officer at the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF). She is also BTF’s principal investigator on the Brain Trauma Evidence-Based Consortium project funded by the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command. Dr. Kolakowsky-Hayner serves as the immediate past chairman of the board of the Brain Injury Association of California. She is a member of the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists’ Board of Governors and the ACRM Board of Governors.

Dr. Kolakowsky-Hayner is the Vocational-Community Issues Panel Chair for the Brain Injury Association of America and Mount Sinai’s Guidelines for Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease Management of Adults with Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury development project. She also serves on the Community Advisory Board of the DOD-funded Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium and as the co-chair of the 4th Federal Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury. Dr. Kolakowsky-Hayner has over 20 years progressively independent experience in brain injury related clinical and research activities. To date, she has made more than 180 professional presentations and published over 170 peer-reviewed manuscripts, book chapters, and other information materials for professionals and consumers with disabilities.

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