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Concussion Information

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The most underreported, under diagnosed and underestimated head injury by far is concussion, or mild TBI. Concussion accounts for 90% of TBIs and the number of cases range in the millions every year. Almost 4 million athletes of all ages suffer concussions every year. Even a mild concussion is a TBI and 20% of patients diagnosed with one do not recover.

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The brain—like other organs—bruises and swells from impact injuries. Such injury can also severely limit blood-flow and deprive tissue of vital oxygen, which may cause cell death and brain damage that can be irreversible. But this does not have to happen in most cases. By adhering to the BTF’s Guidelines, professionals can accurately diagnose and administer TBI treatments that are proven to decrease deaths by half and double patient outcomes while reducing the nation’s long-term TBI-related healthcare costs by billions.